Pre-Purchase Structural Inspections

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Pre-Purchase Structural Inspections

Pre-Purchase Structural Inspections.  Building inspectors are very important individuals when it comes to purchasing property. In Perth, building inspectors help customer by carrying our pre-purchase building inspections.  This provides the customer with enough information and details regarding the property to help him or her make a balanced judgment regarding whether to buy the property or not.

Inspectors often generate an inspection report after they have completed the pre-purchase inspection that provides insights regarding the structural integrity and stability of the property.

There are various items on which building inspectors in Perth inspect and advice. These include all areas of the building, non-structural and structural aspects of the building, as well as, maintenance and safety items. Others include vermin or insect infestation, vegetation and tree, issues regarding drainage and anything else that can cause damage to the foundation.

A building inspections Perth can also provide estimates of the expenses related to repairing the property.

There are various advantages of having a building inspector in Perth. Below are some of these benefits.

  • Building inspectors often inform a potential buyer of likely costs and issues.
  • Building inspectors in Perth also give their customers information that they can use to negotiate for a better price.
  • Inspectors also provide their customers with professional guidance and advice on any possible issues and often provide guidance on how to keep or protect the structural performance and condition of the property.
  • Building inspectors in Perth also have a lot of ideas regarding how a property can be renovated and extended.
  • They help customers make decisions that a better and well- informed when it comes to property purchase.
  • Building inspectors also give their customers peace of mind.

Pre-purchase structural inspections

Pre-Purchase Structural Inspections in Perth

There are various policies, for example, Standards Australia, that outline the standard needed of all property inspectors carrying out building inspections before purchase. Standards Australia works together with the Commonwealth government to help in the regulation of building inspections in Perth, Australia.

These standards also offer recommendations to building inspectors for the visual inspection on properties, especially residential ones. It also outlines various requirements for preparing building inspection reports that all building inspectors in Perth must follow.

Customers must get building inspectors who are aware of these regulations and standards and those who adhere to the recommendations and conditions set by all the recognized regulatory bodies.

Master Building Inspectors has employed many building inspectors who understand these standards and work hard to adhere to all the requirements of the standards.

About your Master Building Inspector

In Perth, the building inspection/building inspectors industry is unfortunately unregulated. Therefore, it is important that you trust in the qualifications and experience of your appointed building inspector. At Master Building Inspectors we insure that:

  • Every one of our building inspectors is a Registered Builder in Western Australia.
  • Every Master Building Inspector has a minimum of 20 years residential building/commercial construction industry experience.
  • We are fully insured with Professional Indemnity and Public Liability for your peace of mind.
  • Every building inspection report is reviewed for quality assurance prior to being released.
  • Enquiries and bookings are addressed promptly and professionally during our business hours of 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. We are also open Saturdays!

Master Building Inspectors are members of a number of important professional memberships. These include:

  • Housing Industry Association
  • Strata Community Association of WA

Why have your property assessed by anyone less than a Master Building Inspector. Never underestimate the importance of a building inspection.

Pre-purchase structural inspections




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