Pre-Purchase Property Inspectors Perth Must be Licensed

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Pre-Purchase Property Inspectors Perth Must be Licensed

Pre-Purchase Property Inspectors Perth Must be Licensed. Master Building Inspectors is amongst the leading building and property inspection companies in Perth. By association, we also have some of the best building inspectors in Perth.

Why Use Us?

The building inspectors Perth are highly experienced and ready to offer clients all the advice they require. We cover all types of pre-purchase building inspections. One of the requirements that we have when hiring pre-building inspectors in Perth is that they are properly licensed to carry out building inspections.

This is so even though Perth does not require its building inspectors to have a license for all Building inspections Perth.


The company is aware of the numerous issues that could result from having an unlicensed building inspector carry out an inspection in Perth. Some of the most unfortunate happenings have occurred because customers have been unaware of the credentials or the skills a pre-purchase building inspector may have or may not have.

Lack of the proper training and credentials when it comes to pre-purchase building inspectors is especially a serious issue because it could lead to serious defects in the pre-purchase building inspection report.

A pre-purchase building inspector must have the experience and credentials required in this industry.

There are various risks associated with hiring building inspectors who do not have professional indemnity insurance.

As such, property buyers should always find out whether the pre-purchase building expert they have hired is insured or not. This is especially important as more than forty percent of property pre-purchase reports often end up in dispute.

Building Inspectors Credentials

Most of pre-purchase building inspectors in Perth and other parts of Australia will most likely have a builder’s trade.  However, this is not a necessity in Perth. Therefore, the customer must ensure that the pre-purchase inspector has all the necessary credentials before hiring them.  This is because the inspector is not required to inform the customer under Western Australian law.

Fortunately our pre-purchase building inspectors are highly qualified and licensed and will therefore do a proper job. This is because they are thoroughly aware of the many building policies and regulations in Perth and Australia.

Some of these policies and regulations include the Building Act, the Building Code of Australia, and the Building Regulations in country’s construction industry. Furthermore, all of our pre-purchase building inspectors have come from a background in building trade. This is why Pre-Purchase Property Inspectors Perth Must be Licensed.

Pre-purchase building inspectors in Perth must be able to understand and comprehend all building trades including roofing, tiling, gyprocking, and landscaping among others.

They should also have all the necessary credentials and licensing for them to be able to stand by and back up their reports in case of any conflict.


Pre-Purchase Property Inspectors Perth Must be Licensed


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