New Construction Staged Inspections

New Home Building Inspections

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New home building inspections. Master Building Inspectors Perth provides new home building inspections which are conducted by expect building inspectors.

With Perth in the midst of a building boom, unfortunately many new homes are being built without an independent inspector.  Most supervisors overseeing the new home construction are not registered builder’s themselves.

This can potentially lead to problems, as they can be unaware of the exact requirements of the National Construction Code.

New Home Staged Building Inspections

Inspections can be conducted for all new home building inspections at anytime during the building process. Master Building Inspectors generally recommends though that staged inspections are conducted at slab, brickwork, roof & practical completion.

Staged building inspections are inspections that occur over the duration of the build. These building inspections are highly recommended as opposed to waiting until handover to assess the build.

By having a highly qualified building inspector inspect the build at each stage, it allows for defects to be rectified as the build is progressing. Unfortunately, most people don’t realise that once the build reaches handover, a lot of the structural elements are covered and therefore can’t be inspected.

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Items Assessed During a New Home Building Inspection

The inspection process and reporting differs somewhat from a pre-purchase building inspection that most people are familiar with. The Australian Standards don’t cover new construction staged building inspections. We at Master Building Inspectors provide defects only reports that clearly identify and categorise each item requiring repair.

The reports are categorised as either BCA non compliance issue, substandard workmanship or incomplete works. The BCA is the National Construction Code that all buildings in Australia must conform with. Each new home building inspection is assessed against these requirements.

In the last few years, the Western Australian Building commission also introduced the Guide to Standards and Tolerances. This guide covers workmanship defects that the Australian Standards do not.

It is a very useful standard that allows the installation of materials to be assessed, typically during a practical completion inspections.

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New Home Practical Completion Inspections

So your new home has reached practical completion, Congratulations! This is the final new home building inspection prior to key handover. During this inspection, all defective areas are marked with tape and a PCI report emailed to the builder. This final report covers all defective areas with the build.

Typically the builder will then have 10 working days to repair the defective works prior to the client receiving the keys.

New Home 6/12 Month Maintenance Inspections

Master Building Inspectors also provides new home maintenance inspections. These inspections detail maintenance items the builder is required to rectify as per the building contract. These include items such as stiff operation of windows, loose door handles, doors binding, cracking to cornice and walls etc.

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Master Building Inspectors are the building inspections Perth specialists and can be contacted on 1300 852 496 for all your new home building inspections needs.