How To Choose A Building Inspector in Perth

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How To Choose A Building Inspector In Perth

How to Choose a Building Inspector in Perth.  We are team of qualified, experienced building inspectors providing quality inspection services throughout Perth. We believe that buying a property is a very important financial investment decision and must not be taken hastily.

In fact, for the majority of people, it is the biggest financial investment in their entire lifetime. Good news is that with the help of trained professionals, it has become possible to determine which property is right for you.

In this regard, our prepared checklist will help you out. This checklist outlines the most important areas of a property that must be checked to evaluate the condition of a building.

It is also possible that building inspectors may not be able to access every part of the property. Therefore, for a comprehensive pre-purchase building inspections Perth, checking out the following areas/features will be sufficient.


The building inspection must include evaluation of all door panels. Building inspector must open and shut every panel to check if there is any hindrance and look for uneven gaps at both top and bottom of the door.


The building inspector should open and close all windows and look for cracks in panels, condensation and damages caused by dampness.


Evaluation should involve searching for signs of dampness, mold stains, buckling stains and sagging. If ceilings are sagged then this could be a serious problem.


Check the area underneath the kitchen sink and detect signs of leakage, mold and stains. Also, pipes under the sink should be checked for leakage.


All the fittings must be checked for leakage and rusting. Taps must be turned off and on and water pressure in the shower should be examined. The building inspector should check for signs of mold and leaks under the sink.

This checklist is to give an idea to buyers regarding the most important areas of a house. An inspection of these areas is mandatory while carrying out building inspections. However, we recommend that you do not substitute a building inspector and carry out a pre-purchase building inspection on your own.

This is not helpful. Only an expert and professionally trained inspector is able to detect signs that lead to damages caused by water, weather and pests/termite etc. Moreover, since building inspectors have adequate experience, they can detect underlying issues.

It is true that properties that are up for sale may appear flawless, especially to buyers as they are not trained into identifying structural and non-structural issues. If you want to prevent yourself from nasty surprises after buying a property then we suggest you contact us immediately for a reliable pre-purchase Pre-purchase building inspections Perth.  


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