Discounted Building Inspections Perth

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All clients who book a building inspection during this month will receive 10% off the price of a new construction building report. This is a substantial saving and also provides the home owner with the assurance that their most valuable asset has been accessed and been built in accordance with the Australian Building Code requirements.

The staged construction inspections are undertaken by a qualified building inspector who defects the property primarily from two different aspects: building code non compliance’s along with substandard workmanship. Each defect is categorised and referenced against the applicable Australian Standard or Building code requirement.
The Discounted Building Inspections reports are emailed in an easy to read format which gives clients an understanding of the problem and the required remedial work.
Staged building inspections Perth are highly recommended, as defects can be easily rectified during the course of the build as opposed to at completion, when repairs can hold up the handover.
The main stages for single story builds are slab inspections, plate height inspections, roof frame inspections and PCI inspections. The first 3 inspections are primarily structural inspections, to ensure compliance with the relevant building code and Australian standard requirements, and the PCI (practical completion) to assess the finishes are to a suitable standard.
Many issues are commonly identified during these inspections in Perth, particularly with brickwork inspections. Lack of cavity ties, insufficient load bearing of lintels and excessive mortar joints are all usual defects. Although the brickwork is usually to a satisfactory standard, these defects can potentially cause longer term structural problems and are required to be rectified, prior to the next stage commencing.
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Discounted Building Inspections