Building Inspections Perth – Pre Construction

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Building Inspections Perth – Pre Construction

Building Inspections Perth – Pre Construction. It is estimated that 50% of all new homes built and/or sold do not have a building inspection undertaken. This is particularly concerning, given the level of work that some builder’s try to pass off as satisfactory workmanship.

It is the building inspectors role to thoroughly access the build. This is to determine whether building code non compliance’s are present and detail findings with recommendations to the client.

There will always be inaccessible areas in a building and the inspector will issue a risk rating in the building report. This will list recommendations for removal of obstructions, preventing full access during the inspection.

Pre-purchase building inspections are detailed slightly differently. These inspections are primarily designed to identify structural faults in a property along with maintenance items if required. Therefore, the building inspector should be suitably qualified, insured and experienced to make these determinations.
Therefore, Master Building Inspectors, based in Perth Western Australia, are a well regarded company who specialise in these areas.
Because we are offering a limited 10% discount for all building inspections booked in January, it is recommended to hurry.
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Building Inspections Perth - New Construction