Building Inspection Perth Australia

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Building Inspection Perth Australia

Building inspection Perth Australia. If you are building a house it is essential to have a building inspection performed. Building inspectors are individuals qualified to evaluate the building process and ensure that the it adheres to the Building Code of Australia.

There are different stages of building inspection that can be performed by a building inspector. The following steps are followed when a full construction building inspection is done, i.e. the building inspector is involved from the start of the construction process.

Slab Stage

The first stage of building inspection in Perth is the slab stage. This is the inspection that is done before the foundation is laid. The building inspector will evaluate whether the area is ready for the slab work to be done. The building inspector determines if the area has been prepared correctly.

Post Slab Inspection

This stage of the Building inspection Perth Australia may be included in the slab stage. This stage takes place after the foundation has been laid. It ensures that the concrete slabs does not have any edge gaps and that it extends to the distances as specified by the Building Code of Australia. It also looks for cracking at the joints, or flaking on the surface.

Frame Stage

The next stage of building construction in Perth comprises the inspection of the frame of the building. Firstly, the building inspector will ensure that brick-laying adheres to the Standards.  The heights and placements of window and door frames are checked. The installation of load bearing structures like lintels and timbers are assessed. The frame of the roof is reviewed.


During the lock-up stage of the building inspection, the building inspector will evaluate the roof, windows and doors. The inspector will also ensure that plumbing and electricity has been laid in compliance with the Building Code of Australia, and that adequate waterproofing has been done for areas like showers.


The final stage of the building inspection process in Perth is the Handover stage. This is after the structure has been built, and comprise as thorough investigation of the building. The building inspector ensures that the conditions of the building plans and contract have been met and ensures that everything is in compliance with the building Standards of Australia.

Building inspection Perth Australia  Building inspection Perth Australia