Are Building Inspections Necessary In 2018

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Are building inspections necessary? With the 2018 year drawing rather quickly towards its end, I still frequently get asked this question. On the one hand, if you are living in an existing property, the answer is probably no. This is of course, unless there are specific issues affecting the property!

On the other hand, a building inspections Perth report can be extremely handy when identifying structural issues and/or maintenance items. This can same a lot of money in the longer term. As they say, prevention is better than a cure! Always check the companies reviews prior to engaging their services.

REWA, detail their thoughts on this matter.


What are the TOP 4 advantages of having a building inspection?

Over the years, we have noticed that different people in Perth Australia have had difficulties in choosing the right property.

After deciding to invest in a new house, many companies provide you the information and show you different properties. These are typically properties they already have in their portfolio.

The first thing that is visible and easily verified is the space, that fills up the first requirement, after considering the fact of being a young couple or a small family.

This is exactly the reason why, people choose a wrong property and decide in a very quick period of time, their lifetime home. What helps people decide in a correct way for their future home is the home inspection. This is undertaken by experienced building inspectors.

Mortgage brokers are typically recommend building inspections prior to purchase.

Below you can find 4 reasons, to explain:

  1. A person who is looking forward to buying a new property should know what kind of building materials are being or have been used. Qualified building inspectors are capable of distinguishing and choosing the right companies for the right building materials.
  2. People in Perth might not have the right information regarding excessive moisture content or bacteria. This may be located in wet areas with poor ventilation systems.
  3. Perth is well known for its high number of cars and the air pollution is predicted to get to the same level as in Sydney.
  4. New home owners make sure about the hidden defects. What is considered a hidden defect is almost all the building inspector job! Does your future property have adequate waterproofing to the shower recesses.
  5. Negotiate the price after knowing all the minor problems, that the property or land may have, after having a home inspection. And of course the minor problems still cost money to fix at the end of the day.

The responsibility of home inspections is incomparable and our devoted building inspectors provide the best service and are always on time.

The examination consists on ensuring that the structure and the design are fault free. We inspect everything regarding the wiring, lightning, roofs, heating systems, fences, garages, floors.

Are building inspections necessary

Building inspection detailed job in Perth, Australia.

A building inspector is a certified employee, who is experienced in creating reports.  This also includes inspecting in a professional manner a certain property, which someone wants to sell or buy. Below you can find some permits, that a house inspection in Perth, should be issued by:

  • The fence- Actually a very important barrier equipment, which needs a special notice during a home inspection in Perth, Australia.
  • Exterior design- Building inspectors are always well prepared to examine all the materials on the exterior zone of the property.
  • Basement- The building inspector should identify the design of the basement and verify that the wiring is not close to the plumbing.
  • Floor- The material should be verified by the building inspector that it is a wooden or a stoned one, in order to be more resistant, especially in the bathroom.
  • Wiring- It is a need for the wiring to have a normal voltage capacity and to distribute enough electrical power to all the electrical equipments.
  • General equipment – Building inspectors should make sure that the windows and walls are not affected by different weather conditions.
  • Different toxic gases- There might be different invisible gases, that are very harmful for the human’s health, that only an experienced building inspector can carefully detect after examining the property, because those gases might be tasteless. This would require a specialist inspection.
  • Functionality of the pipes and bathroom equipments- Hidden problems might cause great incidents, if not detected from the beginning of a construction. These problems might be: leaky shower heads, running toilets, the weak water pressure, the wooden pavement, the bad and old plumbing etc.


There are numerous items that a building inspector is willing to inspect. Especially for those that are currently looking for a new home or trying to sell their existing property.

Building inspections in Perth are required to carefully assess the property. The building inspectors Perth are experienced to prepare and construct the reports.

Master Building Inspectors also provide highly recommended technical advice and attend all the steps to achieve a successful building plan.

Building inspectors monitor all the areas of the property and take careful notes during all the procedures and changes that occur during this process.